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ZPB Zeitschrift für Politikberatung

Policy Advice and Political Consulting

Dr. Svenja Falk, Accenture Research, Bangalore India Prof. Dr. Andrea Römmele, Hertie School of Governance Berlin PD Dr. Martin Thunert, Center for American Studies Heidelberg

About the Journal

Scientific and practical knowledge about political consultation and policy advice: The The Journal for Political Consulting and Policy Advice (ZPB) sees itself as the authoritative forum for the professionals, as well as a scientific journal. It offers scientific, but primarily practical, knowledge for decision-makers from politics, science, business, media and civil society. It is committed to the idea that successful consulting and the overall professionalization of the consultancy sector depend on the professional know-how at the intersection of politics, academia and consulting. Mission : Political decisions require the appropriate exchange of scientific and communicative-strategic expertise. The Journal of Political Consultation and Policy Advice wants to contribute to this exchange of knowledge and to the networking of key actors and institutions. It is the first scientific journal in this field and also the key forum for professional practice. Structure : Academic essays, practical reports, portraits of important facilities and incisive contributions in the forum, as well as short announcements, reviews and an overview of interesting events. ZPB is concerned with maintaining a high level of quality. The spectrum of ZPB is as extensive as policy advice and political communication itself and has no theoretical, empirical or methodological constraints. The journal is not confined to one discipline, but provides information on policy advice and policy management in its entire scope – in a comprehensive and at times confrontational approach. ZPB is open to all authors in the field of political consulting.