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Z'GuG Zeitschrift für Gemeinwirtschaft und Gemeinwohl

Journal of Social Economy andSocial Welfare

Prof. Dr. Susanne Elsen Prof. Dr. Markus Gmür Prof. Dr. Dorothea Greiling Silke Helfrich Prof. Dr. Winfried Kluth Prof. Dr. Remi Maier-Rigaud Prof. Dr. Ulf Papenfuß Barbara Sak Prof. Dr. Christina Schaefer Prof. Dr. Michaela-Maria Schaffhauser-Linzatti Prof. Dr. Frank Schulz-Nieswandt Prof. Dr. Dieter K. Tscheulin
TheZeitschrift für Gemeinwirtschaft und Gemeinwohl (Z'GuG) is an interdisciplinary academic journal with relevance for professional practice (business, politics, civil society). The journal is published as a new series of the Zeitschrift für öffentliche und gemeinwirtschaftliche Unternehmen (ZögU) - Journal for Public and Nonprofit Services. The thematic focus is on public economics in its diversity of sponsors, administrative theory, the social economy, the third sector, cooperatives, as well as topics of importance to civil society such as communalization, neighborhood and district concepts, network development, and social space building. The Z'GuG is open to fundamental theoretical and methodological discussions and takes up topics that require a cultural-scientific, but also philosophical opening, including the social (medical, nursing, educational, etc.) care debates, gender and other diversity controversies, commons theory, and gift and reciprocity research. From these openings, Z'GuG is dedicated to the meta-theme of the common good.