NK Neue Kriminalpolitik

Forum für Kriminalwissenschaft, Recht und Praxis

  • Prof. Dr. Klaus Boers
  • Prof. Dr. Jochen Bung
  • Prof. Dr. Heinz Cornel
  • Prof. Dr. Frieder Dünkel
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Eicker
  • Prof. Dr. Monika Frommel
  • Jun.-Prof. Dr. Katrin Höffler
  • PD Dr. Johannes Kaspar
  • Prof. Gabriele Kawamura-Reindl
  • Prof. Dr. Joachim Kersten
  • Prof. Dr. Jörg Kinzig
  • PD Dr. Reinhard Kreissl
  • Prof. Dr. Frank Neubacher
  • Prof. Dr. Heribert Ostendorf
  • PD Dr. Jens Puschke, LL.M.
  • Jun.-Prof. Dr. Hendrik Schneider (V.i.S.d.P.)
  • Prof. Dr. Tobias Singelnstein
  • Prof. Dr. Bernd-Rüdeger Sonnen
  • Prof. Dr. Torsten Verrel

Redaktion: Prof. Dr. Hendrik Schneider, Universität Leipzig

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About the Journal

Neue Kriminalpolitik brings together all disciplines in criminal law – it is the forum for criminal science, law and practice. The journal sees its priority in setting new standards and in providing a forum for interdisciplinary discussions which, including the knowledge from different countries, pursue the following targets: rational approach towards crime, the protection of the fundamental rights, the priority of social self-regulation and conflict solving while reducing state involvement.

The journal addresses criminologists, sociologists, lawyers, teachers, forensic psychiatrists and psychologists working in various kinds of fields such as politics and science.