Die Unternehmung

Swiss Journal of Business Research and Practice

  • Prof. Dr. Frauke von Bieberstein, Universität Bern, Switzerland
  • Prof. Dr. Manfred Bruhn, Universität Basel, Switzerland
  • Prof. Dr. Pascal Gantenbein, Universität Basel, Switzerland
  • Prof. Dr. Markus Gmür, Universität Fribourg, Switzerland
  • Prof. Dr. Klaus Möller, Universität St. Gallen (geschäftsführend), Switzerland
  • Prof. Dr. Günter Müller-Stewens, Universität St. Gallen, Switzerland
  • Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Margit Osterloh, Universität Zürich, Switzerland
  • Prof. Dr. Dieter Pfaff, Universität Zürich, Switzerland
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Wallmeier, Universität Fribourg, Switzerland
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“Die Unternehmung“ combines theoretical standards with practical relevance in high-quality contributions and can be counted among the leading German-language journals on business management. It presents a forum for already prominent academics, as well as for young researchers from German-speaking countries.

Its range of topics not only includes the core subjects of business management (e.g. marketing, accounting/controlling, organisation and company management), but also newer areas such as technology and innovation management, as well as logistics and supply chain management. It aims to distribute new findings from research on business management, to draw attention to important problems in company practice, to present scientifically sound solutions for practical matters, and to promote the exchange between science and practice in general.

“Die Unternehmung” publishes the following in four issues per year:

  • original scientific contributions with a practical applicability
  • field reports on the use of scientific instruments in solving business management problems
  • in the context of the section “BWL-Dialog”: debate contributions on current subjects
  • reviews of interesting new academic publications on business management

The quality of the contributions is ensured by using a double-blind assessment procedure according to international standards. The reviewers are experts in their respective academic fields. Usually, they are academics with a background in business management. Approximately one in two manuscripts is deemed fit for publication. As is usual for academic journals, there are, as a rule, several stages to the review process. The time period between the submission and publication of a manuscript can vary greatly, but usually takes between ten and eighteen months.

For additional information on the advisory board or the publication and author guidelines of Die Unternehmung please go to https://www.unternehmung.nomos.de/en/