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Forschungsfeld Wissenschaftskommunikation

Edited by: Dr. Lüthje Corinna

Communicating scientific and academic know-how is extremely relevant to our modern, knowledge-based society. Not only do individuals make decisions and act on the basis of scientific and academic knowledge, but so do political, economic and other types of institutions. As a field of practice, scientific and academic communication is omnipresent, regardless of whether it takes the form of scientific journalism or scientific PR. This series of publications provides a forum for current research into communicating scientific and academic knowledge and the public sphere, academia and other areas of society, such as politics or economics, and scientists and academics among each other.

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Lutz Hagen, Corinna Lüthje, Farina Ohser, Claudia Seifert (Ed.)



Series: Forschungsfeld Wissenschaftskommunikation, Vol. 1

Nomos, Baden-Baden