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Luzius Mader, Chris Moll (Ed.)

The Learning Legislator


Series: International Association of Legislation (IAL) / Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gesetzgebung (DGG), Vol. 14

Nomos, Baden-Baden
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„... 71 EU Involvement with the Learning Legislator: the EU as Learning Legislator William Robinson” „... Abstract Present system Almost all European Community legislation starts life in the Commission. Most” „... substantive legislation is adopted by the European Parliament and the Council but, under the EC Treaty, the
„... 87 The Bilingual and Bijural Learning Legislator in Canada Robert C. Bergeron 1. Definitions” „... practical survival obligation for the organisation. The Learning Legislator is a Teaching Legislator. A” „... contrario we could also conclude that the worst practices for the learning legislator would be to keep the
„... 157 The French »learning« legislator : the improvements of an indirect process Jean-Pierre Duprat” „... of drafting. 2° – A broadening of the »learning« legislator horizon The unbalanced situation remarked” „... drafting, partly through an intranet application. So the »learning« process appears complex in the French”
„... 143 Teaching the Learning Legislator in Ukraine: A country presentation Nadiya Semenova It is not” „... legislator Let me introduce a person of this happy age. Just sixteen years ago, on the 16th of July, Ukraine” „... legislator, a starting point for its long, stormy and controversial path to maturity. Some data from the
„... 189 A Learning Legislator? Dutch attempts to prevent brain-drain in the legislative process Wim” „... and tests contributes particularly to enhancing the legislator’s learning capacity.39 The same” „... legislative knowledge explicit can contribute to the legislator’s learning capacity in many more fields, but”
„... The Learning Legislator Luzius Mader/Chris Moll (eds.) Proceedings of the 7th Congress of the” „... Karpen Band 14 Prof. Dr. Luzius Mader/Chris Moll, LL.M. (eds.) The Learning Legislator Proceedings of the” „... legislator«. But can the legislator learn at all? And how does he learn? How can its learning capacity be”
„... and Switzerland1. The topic of the 7th congress of the EAL, »The Learning Legislator«, gives rise to” „... a few preliminary remarks about the notions of »the learning legislator« and the role of »the” „... their role with that of the legislator. To put it in somewhat different terms, they should be well”
„... legislator’s learning in order to define the choice of the contents of the law. The increase in the number of” „... 109 Learning to divide the law’s contents: the lobby as a strategy for clearer Brazilian” „... expectations of various segments of society to the knowledge of the legislators – through the pressure and”
„... learning legislator The constitutional context of the European legislative process: focus on interaction” „... the perspective of this conference on the learning legislator, is how the transposition of European” „... legislator. An important conclusion was thus that we should shift our focus: away from the rather narrow”
„... learn the profession stands, for the military as well as for legislators. Dual learning needs specific” „... importance of this case. The case was about a Belgian statute, so why should Dutch legislators bother at” „... quality of legislation also depends on the quality of legislators. It asked for more professionalism”
„... . Conclusion The Belgian lawmaker is clearly not a learning legislator. The Belgian case and the comparison” „... programme. At Flemish level however the learning legislator still needs improvement. This is especially due” „... must be coupled with measures to lower administrative burdens. 4. The learning drafter: acquiring”
„... 73 Legislative Learning in the United States and Europe: How jurisdictions differ in training” „... Socratic method responds quite well to the learning needs of legislative drafters; not so, case analysis” „... applies the same model of academic learning and practical wisdom in its international training of”
„... , improving the coordination of drafting 10 units and participants and by teaching and learning the methods” „... courts. 2. Learning how to draft good laws Many countries which suffer from the aforesaid deficiencies” „... workable law drafts; – sensitise the legislator and other actors, directly or indirectly involved in the

Ulrich Karpen

Gesetzgebungslehre - neu evaluiert - Legistics - freshly evaluated


Series: International Association of Legislation (IAL) / Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gesetzgebung (DGG), Vol. 12

Nomos, Baden-Baden
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„... coordination of drafting units and participants and by teaching and learning the methods of good drafting” „... understanding, interpretation, and enforcement by executive authorities and the courts. 2. Learning, how to” „... consultative tools and methods. These countries – offer learning opportunities to the representatives of the
„... . Its 7th Congress took place in the Hague/Netherlands in 2006 under the topic »The Learning Legislator” „... legislator, is the fundamental and paramount law of the nation, the frame of all state activities, the” „... comes to an end and may not be overstretched, the amending legislator comes into play. Whether and how”
„... Legislation (EAL): »The Learning Legislator«, Den Haag, 2006. Vorwort / Preface Im Jahre 1986, vor zwanzig” „... is subject to copyright. All rights are reserved, whether the whole or part of the material is” „... , reproduction by photocopying machine or similar means, and storage in data banks. Under § 54 of the German”
„... natürliche Personen. Der 7. Kongress der EAL hat sich im vergangenen Jahr in Den Haag mit dem »Learning” „... Legislator« beschäftigt. Die Ergebnisse aller Tagungen liegen publiziert vor. Es ist noch nicht lange her” „... »Better Regulation« und die jährlich stattfindenden »Seminars on the quality of legislation« eilen mit”
„... must be mastered by everybody,who is dealing with legislation : the legislator and the drafter.Î The” „... democratic government has to make use of its competences to the best effect. The legislator has to set” „... encroachments into civil rights, the legislator himself must be very detailed; in other case he may leave”
„... general take a different approach, whereas the Commission acts from the viewpoint of a legislator” „... legislator it is mandatory in legislating to obey the principles of effectiveness, efficiency, and” „... In 1993 the Spanish Government, supported by Catalan legislators54, approved a questionnaire which”
„... of the constitution 142 Amendments 126, 208, 214 American Declaration of Independence 186 Amtliche” „... Veröffentlichung 89 Amtsblatt, EU 87 Analyses 141, 146, 191, 195 analysis of the law 190 Analysis Workshop 125” „... 130, 131 Asylverfahrensgesetz 31 Atomgesetzen 21 Audience of the Legislation 131 Audit-offices 151”

Prinz Nikolaus von und zu Liechtenstein, Mario Monti, Bo Vesterdorf, Jay Westbrook, Luzius Wildhaber (Ed.)

Economic Law and Justice in Times of Globalisation | Wirtschaftsrecht und Justiz in Zeiten der Globalisierung


Nomos, Baden-Baden
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„... learning of economics, politics, sociology and, of course, law in a way that it not, on the whole matched” „... our honoree since he has, himself, done so much to enhance mutual learning. II. The introspection of” „... «understanding», that the legislator who passed them had, even if this meant absurd consequences. Original”

Guido Britz, Heinz Koriath, Karl-Ludwig Kunz, Carsten Momsen, Egon Müller, Heinz Müller-Dietz, Henning Radtke (Ed.)

Festschrift für Heike Jung


Nomos, Baden-Baden
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„... as Oxford English Dictionary and others that summarise profound learning, results in the following” „... . Legislators rarely lay down should-rules. If they do, the rules normally have a character of strong guidelines” „... framework provided by legislators. Legal principles can refer to the content of the rules (e.g., the

ZDRW Zeitschrift für Didaktik der Rechtswissenschaft

ZDRW, Volume 7 (2020), Issue 4, ISSN Online: 2196-7261

Browse Volumes and Issues: ZDRW Zeitschrift für Didaktik der Rechtswissenschaft

Nomos, Baden-Baden
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„... organizers in the learning and retention of meaningful verbal material, in: Journal of Educational Psychology” „... Law Scholl Course?: „The practical aspects of the law are wrongfully overlooked in law schools today” „... Kommunikations- und Informationstechnologien in die Lehre und umfasst u.a. den Begriff des e-learning, so Handke”