Frederic Graeb, Angelika Vetter, Ersatzstimme statt personalisierter Verhältniswahl: Mögliche Auswirkungen auf die Wahlen zum Deutschen Bundestag in:

ZParl Zeitschrift für Parlamentsfragen , page 552 - 563

ZParl Volume 49 (2018) Issue 3 Browse Volumes:  ZParl Zeitschrift für Parlamentsfragen


The results of the recent German federal election show a general increase in votes for small parties and consequently a growing number of non-represented votes in the German Bundestag . In order to solve this issue, the concept of a spare vote occasionally is discussed among political scientists, according to which the first and second vote are combined into the main vote . The spare vote is counted if the party or candidate receiving the main vote does not gather enough main votes to enter parliament . Based on an online poll, the effects of a potential electoral reform on the outcome of the German federal election were analyzed . The results show a larger share of votes for small parties when voted via main vote compared to the second vote . Furthermore, a significant decrease in non-represented votes can be observed once the spare vote is taken into account .