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SMR - Journal of Service Management Research

SMR - Journal of Service Management Research

Prof. Dr. Marion Büttgen Prof. Dr. Andreas Eggert Prof. Dr. Heiner Evanschitzky Prof. Dr. Christiane Hipp Prof. Dr. Jens Hogreve Prof. Dr. Joachim Hüffmeier Prof. Dr. Helmut Krcmar Prof. Dr. Martin Matzner

The Journal of Service Management Research (SMR) is a forum for academic dialogue among researchers from various business disciplines focusing on services. The journal provides critical accounts of the latest developments in key areas of service research. SMR explicitly pursues an interdisciplinary research agenda.

Articles are published that comprehensively discuss economic topics related to service research. Contributions from disciplines other than management – engineering, psychology, economics – are explicitly encouraged, as long as they address economic topics.

SMR also publishes articles with specific European relevance, e.g. articles on service industries and sectors, which are particularly widespread in Europe.

Both conceptual theoretical and empirical papers are represented in the SMR. The intention is to achieve a balance between the different types of contributions. The same applies to contributions on basic research and applied science.

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