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RW Rechtswissenschaft

Zeitschrift für rechtswissenschaftliche Forschung

Prof. Dr. Barbara Dauner-Lieb Prof. Dr. jur. Bijan Fateh-Moghadam Prof. Dr. Hans Christoph Grigoleit Prof. Dr. Thomas Gutmann Prof. Dr. Katrin Höffler Prof. Dr. Stefan Huster Prof. Dr. Jens Kersten Prof. Dr. Hans Kudlich Prof. Dr. Susanne Lepsius Prof. Dr. Matthias Mahlmann Prof. Dr. Frank Neubacher, M.A. Prof. Dr. Anne Peters, LL.M. (Harvard) Prof. Dr. Thomas Pfeiffer Prof. Dr. Helmut Satzger Prof. Dr. Ewald Wiederin

Schriftleiter: Prof. Dr. Johannes Rux

The journal “Rechtswissenschaft” is a multidisciplinary scientific journal from Nomos Publishing. It focusses on the links between the individual legal disciplines. The journal presents a counterpart to the increasing specialization and provides readers with an overview of the state of scientific research. Thus, “Legal Science” aims to promote legal-scientific discourse.

The journal “Rechtswissenschaft” stands for contributions of the highest scientific level. The exceptional quality is ensured by a high-profile circle of editors from all disciplines. In addition, the contributions undergo a true peer review procedure in accordance with international standards, in the course of which the articles are assessed anonymously by expert colleagues qualified in the relevant field.