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Zeitschrift für Europarechtliche Studien

Prof. Dr. Marc Bungenberg Prof. Dr. Christian Calliess Prof. Dr. Thomas Giegerich Prof. Dr. Michael Hahn Prof. Dr. Torsten Stein

Gründungsherausgeber: Prof. em. Dr. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Georg Ress

The Zeitschrift für Europarechtliche Studien is published by the Europa-Institut, law department, of Saarland University since 1998. The concept of ZEuS is a wide one: the journal addresses current aspects and fundamental problems connected with European Integration, European law and International law. Consisting of articles especially in German and English which commentate on current developments in the law, ZEuS offers an ideal forum for contributors of both academic and professional backgrounds. Moreover, ZEuS makes a conscious effort to provide young academics and students with the opportunity to have their work published. Finally, all speeches held at the Europa-Institut are published in ZEuS.

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