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First published in 1948, WSI-Mitteilungen is an academic journal with a political and practical focus. It provides information on new academic research findings in the broad thematic area of ‘work—economics—society’. It promotes interdisciplinary exchange and is intended as a source of knowledge and opinions for those involved in the working world, the economy and politics in practice. It aims to convey complex knowledge in a structured and linguistically appealing way. A professional review procedure guarantees that all essays published in the journal are of a high standard, while the short analyses, comments and contributions on issues relating to praxis that it contains reflect current sociopolitical problems and discuss possible solutions to them.

Subjects regularly dealt with in WSI-Mitteilungen:

  • job market policy, social policy and distribution policy

  • employment policy

  • industrial relations and wage policy

  • qualifications policy

  • gender and equality policy

  • macroeconomics policy, economic policy and financial policy

  • European integration and globalisation