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KJ Kritische Justiz

Vierteljahresschrift für Recht und Politik

Dr. Sonja Buckel Prof. Dr. Isabel Feichtner, LL.M. Prof. Dr. Andreas Fischer-Lescano Dr. Felix Hanschmann Dr. Tanja Hitzel-Cassagnes Prof. Dr. Eva Kocher Prof. Dr. Nora Markard Dr. Dana Schmalz, LL.M. Prof. Dr. Maria Wersig Dr. Tim Wihl Prof. Dr. Ingeborg Zerbes

Redaktion (ViSdP): Prof. Dr. Eva Kocher, Prof. Dr. Andreas Fischer-Lescano

Kritische Justiz examines theory and practice of law in their societal context. It ventures beyond mainstream discussions of legal questions that exhibit no understading of political constellations and eclipse socioeconomic and cultural circumstances.

Kritische Justiz publishes contributions on present and past events and developments. Since its establishment in 1968, it addresses everyone involved in the theory and practice of law.