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West-östliche Denkwege

Edited by: Walter Schweidler

The series West-östliche Denkwege is not only a forum for the philosophical exchange of ideas, but also constitutes a shared effort towards the truth reached in dialogue not only with East-Asian and Western cultures, but also within the space of Europe itself, to the past and present of which a West–East structure of difference belongs. The primary aim of the series is not simply to compare thinking cultures, but to connect them together in order to make them fruitful for the purposes of a common effort. In dealing with the fundamental topics of theoretical and practical philosophy, political thinking and bioethics, the series aims to encourage a lively discourse between East and West by disclosing a wealth of different traditions.

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Walter Schweidler, Joachim Klose (ed.)

The Gift and the Common Good


Series: West-östliche Denkwege, Vol. 32

Academia, Baden-Baden

Walter Schweidler (ed.)

Human Rights and Natural Law


Series: West-östliche Denkwege, Vol. 21

Nomos, Baden-Baden

Lisa-Marie Lenk

Banalität des Geschlechts


Series: West-östliche Denkwege, Vol. 31

Academia, Baden-Baden