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Menschenwürde und Menschenrechte | Dignità umana e diritti umani | Human Dignity and Human Rights

Edited by: euphur - Euregio Platform on Human Dignity and Human Rights

‘Menschenwürde und Menschenrechte’ (Human Dignity and Human Rights) is a series of books published by the Euregio-Plattform für Menschenwürde und Menschenrechte (EUPHUR), a joint initiative founded by the Universities of Innsbruck, Bozen-Bolzano and Trento, and the Academy of Merano.

The goal of EUPHUR is to examine and reflect on both basic questions of human dignity and key issues in current debates on human rights from an academic perspective in order to initiate and foster societal discourse on these subjects. The broad and diverse range of issues in this regard demands interdisciplinary cooperation between different fields, in particular law, philosophy, economics and the social sciences.

Accordingly, this series of books offers a forum for works which address this subject in various forms, and which cannot only be used by established senior and junior researchers, but also publishes factually well-founded contributions from the fields of politics and journalism, to name just two.

The editors welcome submissions to the series in the form of monographs, anthologies, conference proceedings and academic theses, whose publication is subject to approval by the editorial board. The works published in the series may be written in German, English or Italian.

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