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Border Studies. Cultures, Spaces, Orders

Edited by: Prof. Dr. Astrid Fellner, Dr. Christian Wille, Prof. Dr. Konstanze Jungbluth und Prof. Dr. Hannes Krämer

Academic research into borders is currently facing great challenges, which can be traced back to both developments in society and the subject of border studies itself, as boundaries are no longer found at the places where borderlines have been drawn and they increasingly demand multidimensional forms of access. This series of publications is expressly aimed at researchers on this subject from the humanities, cultural studies and the social sciences, who want to publish empirical (qualitative and quantitative) studies, textual analyses and theoretical works from a diachronic and/or a synchronic perspective. Its aim is to raise awareness of a pool of cultural studies analyses and promote discussion and the exchange of ideas about them.

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Christian Wille, Birte Nienaber (Ed.)

Border Experiences in Europe


Series: Border Studies. Cultures, Spaces, Orders, Vol. 1

Nomos, Baden-Baden

Dominik Gerst, Maria Klessmann, Hannes Krämer (Ed.)



Series: Border Studies. Cultures, Spaces, Orders, Vol. 3

Nomos, Baden-Baden