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Poland's Foreign Policy Library

Edited by: Dr. Karina Paulina Marczuk und Prof. Dr. hab. Dariusz Poplawski

The new series of publications entitled Poland’s Foreign Policy Library, edited by Dariusz Pop?awski and Karina Paulina Marczuk, scholars at the University of Warsaw, examines the various dimensions of Poland’s bilateral relations with other states, mainly during the last twenty five years since the end of the Cold War. Due to the complexity of these relations, however, it is necessary to take their historical background into consideration. That is why, in certain volumes, historical aspects of Poland’s bilateral relationships are addressed, i.e. prior to 1991, which will enable the readers to understand the multifaceted nature of those relationships better. The authors, a group of mainly Polish scholars, do not only address issues such as Poland’s foreign policy or security cooperation, but also its economic cooperation with both European and non-European countries. Moreover, they do not only use secondary sources in their books, but also legal acts, archival documents and other official papers concerning Poland’s relations written in a variety of languages, which adds to the value of the series.

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