Politics, Society and Culture in Turkey | Politik, Gesellschaft und Kultur in der Türkei

Edited by: Dr. Ayhan Bilgin und Assoc. Prof. Dr. Armagan Öztürk

The series will deal with the socio-political development and transformation processes of Turkish society in the 20th and 21st century. The process of modernization, initiated from above, in the late Ottoman phase, has brought about the movement of entire social fields and actors and continues in conflict-laden processes in the neoliberal age until today. The series would like to take a closer look at the developmental paths, the course forms and the contradictions of this modernization process in political, social and cultural terms. To achieve this goal, it is planned to use different methodological and theoretical perspectives. The series is open in this respect for various scientific accesses to these subject areas. A special focus is the analysis of the current transformation processes, which have taken place in neo-liberal traits in Turkey since the 1980s and produce overall social effects.

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