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Gesundheitskommunikation | Health Communication

Edited by: Prof. Dr. Constanze Rossmann

Health communication is a field of research which deals with the social conditions, consequences and significance of communication that is related and relevant to health, both intentional and unintentional, interpersonal, media-related and public. The field of health communication, which emerged in Britain and the US several decades ago, has established itself in German-speaking countries in recent years and yielded a vast number of studies on the interplay between health, illness and communication. The series contains up-to-date studies in German or English which are devoted to this subject area and which consider communication and health from a communication studies perspective.

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Paula Stehr, Constanze Rossmann, Johanna Geppert, Hanna Lütke Lanfer, Tabea Kremer

„Mensch Opa, du bist noch so fit!“


Series: Gesundheitskommunikation | Health Communication, Vol. 21

Nomos, Baden-Baden