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Migration & Integration

Edited by: Dr. Anna Mratschkowski

In our times of globalisation, academic research is increasingly focusing on subjects such as migration and integration. Several thousands of people flee their home countries every day, many of whom feel forced to do so for economic reasons. Migrants and their descendants are now part and parcel of life in the countries that take them in, as many of them have settled permanently in their adopted homes. These immigrants will affect the future of these countries and also often of their countries of origin, among other things by participating in fields such as education, employment, sport and culture. This new series of publications discusses all the issues relevant to research on migration and immigration and welcomes studies from all disciplines.
Among other things, it is committed to publishing studies that endeavour to understand the causes and effects of migration and border demarcation better by using theoretical or empirical approaches, which are either quality or quantity-oriented. The series therefore contributes to an understanding and the promotion of the process of integration in all its possible dimensions. It considers migration and integration not only on an individual migrant level, but also from the point of view of relevant organisations and the state with its particular geographical, political, economic and cultural characteristics, a knowledge of which is necessary to be able to fully comprehend the global process of migration and integration. In this way, the series not only provides basic knowledge on migration and integration, but also offers guidance to decision makers in politics and society as well as to an interested public.

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Anna Mratschkowski (Ed.)

Integration Geflüchteter in Deutschland


Series: Migration & Integration, Vol. 8

Nomos, Baden-Baden

Maria Jakob



Series: Migration & Integration, Vol. 3

Nomos, Baden-Baden

Sabrina Zajak, Ines Gottschalk (Ed.)

Flüchtlingshilfe als neues Engagementfeld


Series: Migration & Integration, Vol. 6

Nomos, Baden-Baden