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Texte & Kontexte der Philosophie

Edited by: Dr. Michael Kühnlein

Philosophy thrives on debate, namely justified differences of opinion on assertions, views and theories. The argumentative nature of philosophy also characterises the idea behind this series of publications: it presents critical appraisals of important new studies from the field of philosophy and those related to it by renowned experts in direct discussion with their authors. A short introduction by the author opens each debate, which is then followed by the critics’ essays. Subsequently, the author responds in detail to the arguments put forward in the essays. The series is interdisciplinary and is not dedicated to any particular school of thought; the works published in it are chosen according to their originality and the relevance of their subjects.

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Michael Kühnlein (Ed.)

Gott und Sinn


Series: Texte & Kontexte der Philosophie, Vol. 1

Nomos, Baden-Baden

Michael Kühnlein (Ed.)

Das Risiko der Freiheit


Series: Texte & Kontexte der Philosophie, Vol. 2

Nomos, Baden-Baden

Michael Kühnlein, Jean-Pierre Wils (Ed.)

Der Westen und die Menschenrechte


Series: Texte & Kontexte der Philosophie, Vol. 4

Nomos, Baden-Baden

Jean-Pierre Wils (Ed.)



Series: Texte & Kontexte der Philosophie, Vol. 3

Nomos, Baden-Baden