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Philosophie der Interkulturalität

Edited by: Prof. Dr. Harald Seubert

As a result of globalisation in the 21st century, philosophy is experiencing almost revolutionary change in all its dimensions – from logic via theoretical and practical knowledge of the world to the philosophy of language and the philosophy of history. Philosophy no longer focuses only on Europe; it is also looking for parallels in the Arab world, the Far East and Africa. Even the diversity of its own culture is becoming apparent. In this respect, philosophy can only be a point of reference for related disciplines, such as theology, philology, political science, social sciences and law, if it acquaints itself with intercultural issues.
This series of publications contains outstanding monographs, collections of conference papers and anthologies which are devoted to the study of intercultural philosophy, employ a variety of interdisciplinary and methodological approaches, and which focus particularly on the tense relationship between religion and reason. These works also offer new thoughts on ethical questions, such as the relationship between universality or the culture of values and norms and human dignity and human rights, and focus on the relationship between law and political thinking.
This series should be regarded as an international, interdisciplinary forum extending beyond the context of school and the common confines of this subject area.

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