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Transnational Perspectives on Transformations

Transformation von Staat und Gesellschaft in transnationalen Räumen

Edited by: Prof. Dr. Robert Kaiser, Prof. Dr. Christian Lahusen und Prof. Dr. Andrea Schneiker

In an increasingly globalized World, transnational interactions in its various forms have a significant impact on the problem-solving capacity of democratic politics, the development of pluralistic societies as well as the reform capacity of political systems and highly-industrialized economies. Growing transnationality is mirrored in policy processes that are more and more organized across different territorial levels of government, in the engagement of non-state actors that provide expertise and organizational support for the solution of global problems, and in societal and economic change that is caused, inter alia, by international migration flows, the trans-border distribution of knowledge and technologies or the intense interconnectivity in the areas of trade and investments.
This book series offers edited volumes and monographs that present original research on the different patterns of transnationality and the impact on national political systems and societies. It welcomes disciplinary and trans-disciplinary studies in the fields of social sciences and humanities. It is open for qualitative, comparative or case-study analyses that focus on different actor types, institutional configurations or policy fields. Contributions are invited which have a regional focus on Europe, but also on countries or regions beyond the OECD World.

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Veronica Federico, Christian Lahusen (Ed.)

Solidarity as a Public Virtue?


Series: Transnational Perspectives on Transformations, Vol. 4

Nomos, Baden-Baden

Andrea Schneiker, Christian Henrich-Franke, Robert Kaiser, Christian Lahusen (Ed.)

Transnational Expertise


Series: Transnational Perspectives on Transformations, Vol. 3

Nomos, Baden-Baden

Robert Kaiser, Jana Edelmann (Ed.)

Crisis as a Permanent Condition?


Series: Transnational Perspectives on Transformations, Vol. 1

Nomos, Baden-Baden