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Politics-Debates-Concepts. Politik-Debatten-Begriffe

Edited by: Prof. Dr. Claudia Wiesner, Prof. Dr. Kari Palonen

The series focuses on the activities, concepts and debates related to ‘politics’, as well as on the relationship between these aspects. The research published in the series will consist of studies of politics, both in the disciplinary sense and beyond it. It is recognised that politics can be the object of study within a wide spectrum of academic fields, and the plurality of disciplinary backgrounds of the books published would be an asset for the series. The series welcomes a number of different approaches in and perspectives on studying politics. Their range reaches, for example, from history of concepts via political theory and intellectual history to political rhetoric and comparative politics. Contributions that fruitfully cross or combine strict disciplinary and sub-disciplinary genres are of particular interest. The series hence welcomes for example studies on the actions and speeches of politicians, the analysis of parliamentary, public and academic debates. Above all we want to cross the line between political theories and political practices. In this aim we follow Quentin Skinner’s thesis that “political life itself sets the problems for political theorists”. Both monographs and anthologies are welcome.

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