Political Psychology: Issues, Challenges and Prospects

Edited by: Prof. Dr. Sonja Zmerli, Prof. Ofer Feldmann

The Nomos’ Political Psychology Series, under the General Editorship of Sonja Zmerli and Ofer Feldman, aims to present a selected number of works related to the Political Psychology field of inquiry. Written by the most prominent and the most promising researchers from different disciplines including political science, international relations, social psychology, and psychology, each volume focuses on particular aspects of the discipline, and underlines the significance of the interrelationships between political behavior and involvement and psychological perspectives. The series offers theoretically, empirically, and methodologically sophisticated accounts on this interdisciplinary field of research to understand the crucial role individuals and groups play in politics; the effects of personality, attitude, learning, information processing and communication on political decisions and activity; and the linkages between situational and cultural features to performances in the public sphere. Among other subject matters the series includes research on individual and collective action, voting behavior and attitudes, political violence and terrorism, stereotypes and prejudice, group dynamics and conflicts, identity, and genetics and neuroscience, on both the domestic and international levels, and in cross-national, cross-cultural settings. Aimed at a broad international academic audience, volumes in this series will be published in English, German, and French. “Political Psychology: Issues, Challenges, and Prospects” will be an indispensable point of reference for anyone interested in political behavior and related fields of study.

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