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Southeast European Integration Perspectives

Edited by: Wolfgang Petritsch, Christophe Solioz

“Southeast European Integration Perspectives” (SEIP) publishes relevant works on the political issues concerning Southeast Europe written by scholars, policy analysts, politicians, practitioners and activists, including both internationally recognised authors and emerging regional voices.
SEIP both analyses and promotes ongoing processes of transition and transformation, exploring the linkages between an emergent regionalism in Southeast Europe and wider European integration.
SEIP combines cutting edge policy research, interdisciplinary approaches and innovative and provocative thinking which will be of interest to a wide range of readers, including policy analysts, scholars, policy makers, diplomats, and journalists.

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Srda Pavlovic, Marko Zivkovic (Ed.)

Transcending Fratricide


Series: Southeast European Integration Perspectives, Vol. 9

Nomos, Baden-Baden

Wolfgang Petritsch, Goran Svilanovic, Christophe Solioz (Ed.)

Serbia Matters: Domestic Reforms and European Integration


Series: Southeast European Integration Perspectives, Vol. 1

Nomos, Baden-Baden

Bojan Bilic, Vesna Jankovic (Ed.)

Resisting the Evil


Series: Southeast European Integration Perspectives, Vol. 7

Nomos, Baden-Baden