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Studies in Political Theory

Edited by: Prof. Dr. Hubertus Buchstein, Prof. Dr. Rainer Schmalz-Bruns

The series "Studies in Political Theory" presents a wide range of new and original work in contemporary Political Theory with no restriction as to approach or subject matter. It is broad in scope, including contributions to Political Philosophy, the History of Ideas or studies in applied theory. The series provides comprehensive and critical coverage of the different fields of modern political theory - such as democratic theory, institutional theory, critical theory, political justice and ethics. Its contributions examine Political Theory"s edges as well as its core and will help set the agenda for years to come. The “Studies in Political Theory” series sheds light on conceptual and topical controversies reflecting the pluralism of contemporary Political Theory.
The series is edited on behalf of the research committee on "Political Theory and the History of Ideas" of the German Political Science Association.

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Enrico Zoffoli

Beyond Consensus


Series: Studies in Political Theory, Vol. 4

Nomos, Baden-Baden