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European Civil Society

Edited by: Taco Brandsen, PhD, Dr. Gemma Donnelly-Cox, Dr. Matthias Freise, Prof. Dr. Michael Meyer, Prof. Dr. Filip Wijkström, Prof. Dr. Annette Zimmer

Civil Society has gained momentum in the social sciences. Civil society organizations are active in numerous policy fields. They are engaged in advocacy as well as in service provision. Members, volunteers, philanthropists and sponsors are key stakeholders of civil society organizations. Policy experts and politicians alike look to the organizational infrastructure of associations, foundations, clubs and mutual societies in their search for new approaches to welfare provision and participation in the complex world of post-modernity.

The series provides an interdisciplinary forum for discussing the theory and practice of civil society, with a special focus on European issues. The series invites contributions from the various disciplines of the social sciences, particularly from business and public administration, economics, history, political science, sociology, and law. The series is comparative in its outlook and focus on European issues. Its key concern is the investigation of participatory governance within the multi-level structure of European polities, policies and politics. Hence the series focuses on the topic of how the European Union, member states and European societies manage to face the challenges of the future. Against this background, the series will cover a broad spectrum of issues, ranging from civic engagement, volunteering, protest movements and corporate citizenship to public private partnerships between state, market and civil society. At the organizational level, the series addresses the subject of the “hybridization” of management procedures as well as the different modes of embeddedness of civil society organizations in the European environments, determined by the legacy of history and by common or civil law traditions.

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Taco Brandsen, Paul Dekker, Adalbert Evers (Ed.)

Civicness in the Governance and Delivery of Social Services


Series: European Civil Society, Vol. 6

Nomos, Baden-Baden

Adalbert Evers, Annette Zimmer (Ed.)

Third Sector Organizations Facing Turbulent Environments


Series: European Civil Society, Vol. 7

Nomos, Baden-Baden