Medien-, Sozial- und Technikgeschichte

Edited by: Prof. Dr. Tristan Thielmann

This series compiles publications which present the histories of the media, society and technology as reciprocal. It welcomes studies on phenomena that are characterised by the persistence of their specific materiality and practices. Consequently, from a methodological perspective it aims to focus on innovative historiographical processes, such as historical praxeology, historical ethnography or the analysis of traceable chains of actors and their actions, among others. The publications examine how the ethnomethodology and technological methods used in the 'longue durée' approach to the study of history have a bearing on the present and influence the media and media practices today. They reveal the genealogies of media history, which are underpinned by perspectives from the histories of art, society, technology and science at the same time. These publications may be written in either German or English.

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