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Ines Weinrich (Ed.)

Performing Religion: Actors, contexts, and texts


Series: Beiruter Texte und Studien (BTS), Vol. 122

Ergon, Baden-Baden
Results in this title
„... study of Islam: Texts, contexts, and actors The study of Islam as a religious belief system has been” „... . The first section deals with objects, texts, and acts carried out in the context of the positive” „... delivery and reception of text take other factors into account than contents, like contexts and actions”
„... liturgical text. It marks Islamicity as it is popular among many Sufi orders and in the broader context of” „... in New Delhi which have evolved in the context of the New Religious Movement of Universal Sufism and” „... of India and Pakistan: Sound, Context and Meaning in Qawwali, Karachi, Oxford: Oxford University”
„... Performing Religion: Actors, contexts, and texts Case studies on Islam” „... Performing Religion: Actors, contexts, and texts Case studies on Islam Edited by Ines Weinrich” „... , and texts” was supported by the Fritz Thyssen Stiftung. Bibliografische Information der”
„... Part II The Staging and Performance of Texts   Between Poem and Ritual: The Burda by” „... regarding both its text and melody. It was the renowned poem al-Burda by the Mamluk poet al-Būṣīrī, and soon” „... the poem differ from the written text? And what impact would these differences have on the meaning”
„... ‘Performing Religion: Actors, contexts, and texts’, held at the Orient-Institut Beirut in November 2011. The” „... Global Context’ (Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg) and the Orient-Institut Beirut: ‘Aesthetics of” „... the Sublime: Religious texts and rhetorical theory’ held in Cairo in December 2012. The publication”
„... present to past. Rituals generally are characterized by a “movement between past acts, texts, and their” „... performer could model the text on his audience, which explains the wide variety of motives and plot lines” „... was a link between the text-based discourses of the madrasa and scholars on the one hand, and
„... elegies, I have tried to show how the text and the material context of the ritual event form a dense” „... as “what is not within the text, what exceeds the text and cannot be caught up by it”.8 I would” „... actualizations are contingent and, to a certain degree, preformed. There are three kinds of texts employed in”
„... the following section we will discuss how preaching contexts vary between efficacy and entertainment” „... on the context and function of a performance. A preaching performance that aims to be efficacious” „... its liturgical/ritual context, desires to be efficacious and to transform.”29 On the other hand, the”
„...   Part I Objects, Actions, and Notions in the Context of Blessing Antique Phallic” „... qubaʿ in the text by Ibn ʿĀbid produces no applicable results concerning the appearance and use of the” „... argumentation can be gleaned from the phrasing “jāriya qubaʿa ṭulaʿa” in the Lisān al-ʿarab and other texts.37”
„... . His texts can serve as an illustration of the development of this genre and of its functions in the” „... author and obtained an ijāza for the transmission of the text, which is part of his account of ʿUjaymī” „... (tabarruk), or through the handing over of a text (munāwala),23 from his master and friend ʿAbd al-Raḥmān”
„... contemporary Egypt and European migration contexts. She has been associate fellow at the Institut de Recherches” „... science in the early modern and modern period, Islam in transregional contexts, and language and religion” „... for Islamic Studies, Cluster of Excellence 'Asia and Europe in a Global Context'). Having conducted”
„... conditio humana. All in all, the text seems to tell its readers that modernisation is possible and perhaps” „... to change from the beginning until the end of the text and over the whole period in which, in view” „... context is directed against the pagans, the Jews and, particularly, the Christians, it equates the”
„... differs from Turkish popular music in its texts, melodic structure, and its use of instruments. Turkish” „... placed it into new contexts: from devotional to public and economic settings. Ender Doğan, a well-known” „... Burning With Love: Consumerism and Recent Trends in Islamic Music in Turkey Songül”
„... in the context of local pilgrimage1 is about coping with life and averting misfortune as well as” „... comprehended as structure and anti-structure in the local cultural context.3 Some thoughts on current” „... efforts at explaining baraka are appropriate in their respective contexts and their diversity illustrates”

Markus Kotzur (Ed.)

Peter Häberle on Constitutional Theory


Nomos, Baden-Baden
Results in this title
„... Preambles in the text and context of constitutions Originally published in 1979 as: „Präambeln im” „... . Preambles in the text and context of constitutions 258 of the Basic Law stipulating the reunification” „... . 325 et seq.; FDP: p. 417, 419 et seq.; KPD: p. 478 et seq. Preambles in the text and context of”
„... texts of Abbé de Saint Pierre (1713) and I. Kant (1795), and thanks to the input of various people and” „... example concerning the ECHR and the above‐ mentioned European Cultural Convention. These texts were both” „... Community (1951, Preamble!) and the Treaty of Rome (1957) are further examples. The “spirit” of these texts
„... achievement of many centuries and of a collection of classical texts4 from Aristotle via Montesquieu and” „... ‐ tions, their subject matters and functions having “shrunk” in a European context. The “European Germany” „... both on and with texts (con‐ stitutional theory as a “legal text and cultural science”), moreover”
„... has embraced new texts and contexts in addition to familiar language protecting human dignity (Art. 7” „... after 1945 and 1989. II. 1. 8 For further insights on such “classical texts,” see Peter Häberle” „... attention for incorporating novel language and contexts. The preamble links a common variety of general”
„... this work, he often used Preambles. His article on “Preambles in the Text and Context of Constitu” „... „kontextuelle Verfassungsvergle‐ ichung“ (context-aware constitutional comparison. Since 2005 Häberle speaks of” „... Foreword Peter Häberle, one of the most eminent constitutional lawyers both in Ger‐ many and beyond”
„... cultural science viewpoint 229 Preambles in the text and context of constitutions 257 The Jurisprudence of” „... Constitutional Theory Markus Kotzur (ed.) Constitution as Culture and the Open Society of Constitutional” „... Häberle on Constitutional Theory Constitution as Culture and the Open Society of Constitutional”
„... rights in a welfare state" are focused on only rudimentarily by both constitutional texts and legal doc” „... rights.] Welfare "state" and performance oriented "society" The welfare state in the text of the Basic” „... constitutional text9 10, we encounter the same simultaneously as living constitution, in a vigour and abundance”
„... to mean only a conscious and pur‐ poseful action towards understanding and construing a norm (or text” „... professional and collegial expectations placed on him (on this in a different context F. Kübler, Kommuniktation” „... “The open society of constitutional interpreters” – A contribution to a pluralistic and “procedural”

Daniel Gerster, Michael Krüggeler (Ed.)

God's Own Gender?


Series: Religion in der Gesellschaft, Vol. 44

Ergon, Baden-Baden
Results in this title
„... Masculinities in Muslim Texts and Contexts Miriam Kurz1 To provide an overview over the relation of Islam and” „... See Katz 2017, n.p. GENDER AND MASCULINITIES IN MUSLIM TEXTS AND CONTEXTS 107 often been the case).19” „... 2011; Ragab 2015. 33 See Katz 2017, n.p. 34 Ibid. GENDER AND MASCULINITIES IN MUSLIM TEXTS AND CONTEXTS
„... (self-evident) immediate context of women and femininity.11 Since the central standing of the male in Jewish” „... texts that, 2. realm and of the settlement of the major societies in antiquity, see Frader 2004; on the” „... in this context: “The recognition that the ancient texts portray a very partial picture of”
„... images, and such merit can miti‐ gate karma. This text emphasizes that the actual Buddhist position” „... injunction is put on men and their enjoyment of masculinity. This text was probably written by monks and when” „... in Sanskrit between the 1st century BCE and 2nd century CE. It was an extremely popular text
„... , and for men was the normative mode for most of the history of the biblical texts and of biblical” „... always in the text (and in theology, in religious habits, in devotional practices, and in sacred” „... critical sensitivity and scholarly disci‐ pline in the context of gender-unjust systems. Such systems”
„... patriarchal interpretations of Islam’s holiest text, the Qur’an. The outcome has been seismic and immense” „... divine and inimitable text from God, celebrated a variety of differently gendered lives and actually does” „... world as we know and see it, which in a way makes the text seem more human, more difficult to press into”
„... (i.e. by the Talmud and cognate texts which came into existence, broadly speaking, from the late 2nd” „... as if they have eaten of idolatrous sacrifices”.13 Another text underlines: “Ten who sit together and” „... will‐ ingly and nobly for the revered and holy laws” (2 Macc 6,27/28). To be sure, this remarkable text
„... modern Theravāda school and is the most complete Indian Buddhist canon. It contains texts that were” „... hegemonic and yet remain unmarked experiences. Although the male body is always in the text […] it is not” „... no evidence supporting this in extant canonical texts. Modern digitization and search engines allow”
„... . example, locating the self-image and behaviour of men within the multilayered context of ethnic and social” „... example, in sacred texts or sermons) on the one hand, and the social position of men, as well as how they” „... are talked about and how they act, on the other. It is particularly important in this context to”
„... ? Gender and Masculinities in Muslim Texts and Contexts” „... God’s Own Gender? Daniel Gerster and Michael Krüggeler (Eds) RELIGION IN DER GESELLSCHAFT” „... , Monika Wohlrab-Sahr Band 44 ERGON VERLAG God’s Own Gender? Edited by Daniel Gerster and Michael Krüggeler”
„... gods and goddesses of early Brahmanism and later Hinduism are, in certain mythological contexts and in” „... ensured by rituals, while impotence and infertility were dreaded; the Vedic texts20 and later scriptures” „... goddesses as well. In contrast to the Abrahamic religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam, which are monothe”
„... current social and political debates. In this context, a stronger normative approval of greater gender” „... ALLBUS 2012 Study1 Friederike Benthaus-Apel Empirical Research on the Connection between Religion and” „... Gender: The Religion and Gender Project This article presents findings from the research project Religion”

Luzius Mader, Heinz Schäffer (Ed.)

Text and Context - The Development of Legal Techniques and Legal Culture in the New Context of Europ


Series: International Association of Legislation (IAL) / Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gesetzgebung (DGG), Vol. 15

Nomos, Baden-Baden
Results in this title
„... Commission review and finalise the texts produced at national level and ample mechanisms exist for” „... Official Journal, stating that a given text is replaced by another. The system is simple and efficient and” „... provision of Community law must be placed in its context and interpreted in the light of the provisions of”
„... .) Text and Context The Development of Legal Techniques and Legal Culture in the New Context of Europe” „... Development of Legal Techniques and Legal Culture in the New Context of Europe – Hungarian Report 83 Prof. Dr” „... Wissenschaft und Forschung in Wien. 5Preface The members of the European Union and other European States are”
„... administration and equality before the law, may be found in the text of the IG, but if that is not the case” „... the throne, as well as the Freedom of Press Act (Tryckfrihetsförordningen) from 1949 and the Freedom” „... human right, the first one in books and journals and the latter, new one in other media. (Those acts”


Anthropos, Volume 106 (2011), Issue 1, ISSN Online: 0257-9774

Browse Volumes and Issues: Anthropos

Nomos, Baden-Baden
Results in this title
„... , Tsubasa Okoshi Harada,  and John F. Chuchiak (eds.): TextandContext. Yucatec  Maya Literature in a” „...   literatura” (31). In “TextandContext. Yucatec Maya Literature in  a Diachronic Perspective,” a broadly” „...  ethnohistory and of the indigenous literatures of the Americas will find “TextandContext” to be a valuable”
„...  pictographic  lienzo,  produced and bound in book form together with a full  Spanish alphabetical text. While” „...  Werk wie  diesem kritisieren. Die Petit-Text-Einschübe, die andere  AutorInnen zum Aufblasen ihrer” „...  discourse in its sociopolitical  context. The book is richly illustrated with tables and photographs, and
„...  a strict belief in the divine inspiration and  inerrancy of the entire biblical text. Practically” „...  their own traditional societies, in which  it is seen in a supernatural and ritual context. Not” „...  biblical texts, even if they have much of their power for  us. And – almost as a theologian – Jenkins warns”
„... ,  people, and events when an interaction is framed around  important referential symbols andcontexts” (72” „...  Texts.  Ritual Disposal and Renovation of Texts  in World Religions. Farnham: Ashgate, 2010. 172 pp” „...  investigate, “the religious and ritual attitudes towards texts which  have become old and damaged and can no”
„...  pictorial  text,  it narrates the dramatic, rags-to-riches and richesto-rags history of Cuauhtinchan from” „...  Cuauhtinchan. In this context we  are reminded that, some three decades later, and in the  form of today’s” „...  text. While his quest (and the subject  matter of the volume) may have been different, his target  was”
„... sacred text, the script for rituals, for the routine of everyday life, and the source of the Sisters” „... . 1987 Culture-as-Text in the Work of Clifford Geertz. Theory and Society 16/8: 809 – 839. Siepak” „... 200 Berichte und Kommentare Anthropos 106.2011 and sympathies, I consider this concern a”
„...  Werk wie  diesem kritisieren. Die Petit-Text-Einschübe, die andere  AutorInnen zum Aufblasen ihrer” „...  discourse in its sociopolitical  context. The book is richly illustrated with tables and photographs, and” „... . She also gives a detailed  account of the ideological context, genre, and production  process of”
„...  systems for notating and explaining bàtá and dùndún, and Akin Euba (1990), who wrote a  foundational text” „...  since the early 1990s. And I  happened to be living in Ẹ̀rìn-Ọ̀ṣun when Villepastour’s  text arrived in” „... ).  The text is well written and contains appendices that  provide short readings and schematic overviews”
„... A.D. 5th-century scholar Buddhaghosa. In our Jātaka text, in story after story one’s character and” „... late additions to an earlier text. Interestingly, he judges them to be due to popular influence, and” „... , Lévi-Strauss, and Durkheim, for instance, and places his approach to India in the context of Talcott Parson’s”
„... , Tsubasa Okoshi Harada,  and John F. Chuchiak (eds.): TextandContext. Yucatec  Maya Literature in a” „... , aggression, resentment, and retaliation against Christian missionaries and Christian people  in the context” „... 246 Anthropos  106.2011 Rezensionen in Hindustan must either adopt the Hindu culture and language”
„...   bàtá  drum speaks. The text tracks seamlessly back and forth  among: written  descriptive  explanations” „...  most  widespread  and popular Yorùbá  talking drum)  speech,  Villepastour’s text masterfully succeeds” „...  systems for notating and explaining bàtá and dùndún, and Akin Euba (1990), who wrote a  foundational text
„... can only be developed in the context of a common cultural heritage and discourse, and these can be” „... this article, we address the seldom discussed topic of climate change and spirituality in the context” „... temples together with Lord Vishnu and is worshiped as his consort. Similarly, the oldest sacred text in”
„...  ethnohistory and of the indigenous literatures of the Americas will find “TextandContext” to be a valuable” „...  andContext,” focusing rather on other domains of continuity and change.  Scholars of Mesoamerican” „... . Furthermore, it reflects the truly international scope and broad range of interests and methodologies of”
„... ) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 246 Gunsenheimer, Antje, Tsubasa Okoshi Harada, and John F. Chuchiak (eds.): Text and Context” „... . Ritual Disposal and Renovation of Texts in World Religions (Joseph Walser” „... Archiv Vol. 106, issue 1, 2011 Rezensionen Abushouk, Ahmed Ibrahim, and Hassan Ahmed Ibrahim (eds”
„...  texts on the subject of class in Eastern Europe  produced to date (cf. J. Patico, Consumption and Social” „...  text can benefit  from a sharper editorial pen – there are several errors of  typography, grammar, and” „...  context of the political and social marginalisation of  those ethnic minority groups  that practise”
„... Anthropos  106.2011 255Rezensionen I strongly urge all East Africanists and anyone interested in” „...   role of Kluscap, a Mi’kmaw cultural hero, in reference  to Mi’kmaw cosmologies and changing” „...  human-environmental relationships within the context of two particular historical periods: the first being between”
„... . Hence, some Inuit who read these  Christian texts without further instruction developed and  followed” „...  pictorial  text,  it narrates the dramatic, rags-to-riches and richesto-rags history of Cuauhtinchan from” „...  commercialization,  visible in such aspects as the expensive coffins and headstones, large wreaths, etc., and thus”
„... 292 Anthropos  106.2011 Rezensionen paragraph) of Buddhist scriptures in India and none to  the” „...   of sacred texts. This is somewhat odd, since there is perhaps more written on Buddhist manuscript” „...   that become exacerbated in certain strands of Mahayana  (of which the “Lotus” and “Sutra of Golden”
„...   definition (12). It is a cultural construction in a religious  tradition and in a specific cultural context” „...   then correlates that year with A.D. 935. A few pages further (Nuttall, p. 5) we find the marriages and” „...  liquid (possibly blood)  and the date Year 2 Reed, day 2 Reed. Williams (117)  interprets  the arrow as”
„...  concern the broader context. The  use of direct quotes throughout the text has value but also  limitations” „...  about Czech military cadres and their continued identification with Soviet  technology in the context of” „... ). In other contexts, it is the recovery of national culture and identity that is framed as  a “return”
„...  dem Tod, 3) Gunsenheimer, Antje, et al.  (eds.): TextandContext:  Yucatec Maya Literature in a” „... . ISBN 978- 81-7387-220-4. James, Deborah, et al.  (eds.): Culture Wars. Context,  Models, and” „... (ed.): The Death of Sacred Texts. Ritual Disposal and Renovation of Texts in World Religions. Farnham”
„... of concepts and techniques that are almost completely devoid of social and historical context” „... component in a culture’s ongoing creation and negotiation of its shifting forms. The ritual text that we” „... 196 Berichte und Kommentare Anthropos 106.2011 the attention of the general public and become a”
„...  Enrique Mayer’s text, a renowned researcher on Peruvian peasants and  peasant communities who nonetheless” „...  agrarian reform is set into its context in Latin America and in Peru in  the first chapter and the work is” „...  international context of the last century. The reform was drafted and implemented by the government, seeking”
„...   andcontext-specific processes  and practices behind  the production, reception, circulation, and the” „...  production, reception, andtext that have been the  mainstay of much cultural and even anthropological work” „... . Elizabeth (ed.): The Anthropology of News  and Journalism. Global Perspectives. Bloomington: Indiana”
„...  catapulting” erklärt: “to describe a process whereby migrants’ networks and churches ‘bounce’ their members” „...  onto the local market, produce  pressure to make these migrants engage with opportunities and” „...  sanctioning those who fail by marginalization and exclusion  from leading positions” (112). Offen bleibt”
„...  between Niger, Algeria, and Libya. Berlin:  Dietrich  Reimer Verlag,  2009.  142 pp.,  photos.  ISBN” „...  the Tuareg, who are traditionally socially-stratified, seminomadic stockbreeders,  and Muslims” „...  youthful and rebellious, popularly glossed as ishumar, who intermittently travel between countries around”
„... set apart for acts of prayer and devotion. I draw on a range of contexts to illustrate how these” „... the contexts of prayer and devotion described above are located in the everyday worlds of experience” „... Berichte und Kommentare Anthropos 106.2011 185 Daaira, Devotional Acts, and the Transformation of”
„...   definition (12). It is a cultural construction in a religious  tradition and in a specific cultural context” „...  that define its  form and content. In a footnote, which this reviewer believes should have been part of” „...  the body text, the author  explains the origins of the term in reference to Islam. Islamic religiosity”
„... ethnographic-linguistic nexus used to express institutions and concepts of honour, belief, and trust, which can prove to” „... be crucial for understanding social values of morals and religion. To designate notions of religion” „... and belief Albanians use terms which draw their origin in the same Indo-European common stock shared”
„... ” (xiii). In their  introduction, Stewart and Strathern provide the scholarly  context in a nutshell” „...  eingeführt) lockern den Text auf, sind unterhaltsam und sprechen jedem Leser mit ähnliche Erfahrungen  aus” „...  deutlich auf die  Grenzen ethnografischen Arbeitens hinweist. Gleichwohl  der eine oder andere Leser”
„... . This process is grounded  in biblical texts, even if they have much of their power for  us. And” „...  then contextualisedand made  more evocative (chap. 6: Maijunian concepts of the Ma- ñaco Taco; chap. 8” „...   the European process of secularization will befall African  and Asian churches when those societies”
„... Press. Schneider, Mark A. 1987 Culture-as-Text in the Work of Clifford Geertz. Theory and Society 16/8” „... context and acquired the meaning of a “restaurant owner.” Still, I want to know more about the palm” „... person and a restaurant. In this way, the concept reflects its current cultural and economic context
„...  Liechtenstein discusses the manifestation and experience of this new religion in a particular  local context” „... . While the Bab’s and Bahaʾuʾllah’s messianic and prophetic claims certainly undertake a symbolic” „...  membership in the Bahaʾi community is exclusive and does  not allow adherence to or membership in other”
„... and analysis of the Mossi kingdom of Yatenga (1985, 1986, 1987 and 1990) – under a “hierarchic” (in” „... , the king’s death and the enthronization of its successor, the collective rituals and, finally, some of” „... the aspects of the relation between “power holders” and “landlords.” The study of these issues from”
„...  state interests and  family structures, of social practice and institutional context. This adherence to” „...  den Flughafen  bei Lhasa zum Opfer. Es musste komplett umsiedeln und  wurde an anderer Stelle, jedoch” „...  Verdienstmöglichkeiten auch in anderen Sektoren zu finden,  nicht zuletzt, um dem ihrem Beruf inhärenten Stigma zu”
„...  contexts, it is the recovery of national culture and identity that is framed as  a “return.” Čiubrinskas” „... . Hence, some Inuit who read these  Christian texts without further instruction developed and  followed” „...  “neoliberal principles with  respect  to  self-reliance  and private ownership of agricultural land or means”
„...  Magdalene as image of the “Divine Feminine.” Like Notermans, Gemzöe, and Klungel explore  the  connections” „...   among Mary, motherhood,  and  caring  for  family members living and deceased in northern Portugal  and” „...  sinfulness and polluting nature. Rather, she argues, women construct a religious realm of their own in which”
„...  have quite other meanings when contextualized within local social and political  processes. For example” „...  becomes more a question of morality and decency? This chapter explains how Islamic teachers use different” „...  ways of reasoning and various interpretations that  are rooted in Islamic traditions (itjihad, bayani”
„... ethnologischer Arbeit “in tracking instability and syncretic forms in contexts where purity is asserted from” „... interactive dynamics of land, labor, and power within the context of a global setting” (345, 346). 124” „... anthropologists on Latin America both reflect this occurring change and provide important insights into”
„...  conclusion on 119 pages of text. After presenting  the historical and ethnographic background of Hadhramaut” „... Anthropos  106.2011 discussions. The final and most  interesting chapter describes Hadhrami” „...  religious leaders and healers on Bali  (75 – 114). This book is a major disappointment. Jacobsen claims  to”
„...  Strathern provide the scholarly  context in a nutshell, focussing on the works of Hubert  and Mauss” „...  settlement in the Nyanza region and exploring how kinship  relations are marked on the land through” „...  settlement patterns, homestead arrangements, and – most recently – the  placement of concrete gravesites near”
„... Orissa (India), and particularly two contexts are compared: sacrifice and hospitality. Sacrificial” „... Walker (1992) and Eichinger Ferro-Luzzi (1975). contexts. Therefore I distinguish and contrast two” „... angry; if you invite me for a meal and you do not provide meat, I will be angry. The two contexts
„... research in the Middle East. This article focuses on the cognitive construction of holy places and its” „... in the context of baraka. It is mainly an epistemological way of thinking the sacred which is” „... anderen, trug ihn dann in die Höhle, wo er ein Loch scharrte und ihn begrub. Dies nahm Kain als”
„... texts adds to an understanding of this indigenous category, and by extension similar categories found” „... . Texts 2 and 3 both depict the creatures as physically strong. Neither the odour nor great strength is” „... few apparently implausible elements found in Verheijen’s texts, and one which, by the same token”